Friday, 2 February 2007

because I'm angry

I've been to another drawing class and I'm still not really enjoying it. It's hard work I tell you. We now have to come up with a project each, an idea of what we would like to put in a place and what place that is. Real or imaginative. And then produce a lot of sketches of this installation/exhibition blabla. I'm so fed up with the whole thinking and analyzing, drawing abstract shapes and commenting on each others genius strokes and blobs. It's not me. It's not what I had in mind. I thought we would be shown some sketching techniques and that being able to tell what someone has drawn wouldn't be a bad thing. The teacher tried to push me a bit today 'cos I told her I felt stuck and that I'm not used to draw big scale and with charcoal etc. She said my drawings are more like signs and that I shouldn't worry if people can't see what it is, 'cos no-one cares what it is anyway. Oh shut up! :) I'm probably just rebelling because I'm way outside of my comfort zone. But even if I never learn to enjoy drawing and thinking abstract, I guess the class has helped me figure a few things out and to draw some new stuff.

I'm sorry you had to wake up and see anger in here, but I feel much better now haha. Writing is good therapy! Sweet dreams


  1. you really look like a little teenage rebel:)

  2. det är nyttigt att utmana sig själv, brabra för självkänslan.
    våga lämna ut dig!

  3. yep. had the whole teenage outfit yesterday with my converse all stars, hooded jumper and iPod plus I was anti everything ;)

  4. ja det ska tydligen vara losningen har jag last, att lamna sin comfort zone och ta sig an utmaningar. lattare sagt an gjort tyvarr men om man tar ett steg i taget sa har man snart gatt ratt langt ju.