Friday, 9 February 2007

Snow in England is bad news

I was expecting my friend Sanna to arrive from Sweden tonight but she called a couple of hours ago and said her flight had been cancelled due to the snow. Annoying. She had to go back home after spending many hours at Skurup airport and we don't even know if she will find a ticket for tomorrow.
I have been laughing together with other Swedes here in London about the way the English handle snow, or can't handle it rather! On the news this morning they mentioned schools being shut down and the transport being in total chaos. And this is just after a few centimetres. But sure, it's not often it snows in London, but for that one time every year or so, couldn't they have learned something? Look at the postman on the picture I found on BBC's website. They just don't get this winter thing :) And here in my neighbourhood people are out jogging 24/7 in just shorts and a vest. What's wrong with people?
I hope you had a safe journey on the Swedish winter roads today. How did it all go?


  1. too bad, hope Sanna can make it tomorrow. it was snowing all the way to Nyköping, but I managed to survive.

  2. Crikey, you are up late, or early!? Is it Elsa or the web design homework? I finished mine in the early hours of this morning but didn't read even half of the stuff we should have. It's hard to take in all those html-tags etc when your body is screaming GO TO BED!!!