Friday, 2 February 2007

no sleep

I've just been suffering my worst night ever. D has been away and he always has problems to go to bed without me. When he finally got into our bed, not even an earthquake could have woken him up. I on the other hand, could not close my eyes. And when I did, I had nightmares about snakes. They were crawling all over me so I woke up screaming out loud, but my husband just kept sleeping. At 2 am Elsa wanted to take a walk. Great. When I finally closed my eyes again it was time for my next nightmare; my grandma was dying. So I screamed again, but only Elsa noticed that. After that horrible dream I was awake for several hours. I really felt like you did in that sketch.


  1. Oh dear :( Sounds like torture! You must be really tired today then. Scary with the nightmares, sometimes it's really hard to shake that feeling off. Hope you can catch up on some sleep this weekend then.

  2. I love this picture by the way. Beautiful colours and it's very graphic. Nice with some sunshine as well. It's supposed to be sunny for 5 days here, you probably get it too. We better go out and conserve some light for the darker days ahead!

  3. I thought about what snakes represents and maybe money finally is coming to me. I really would need some for our shopping in London!