Thursday, 22 February 2007

midnight blogging

It's been a looooong day and I've spent most of it working on a new CV. I thought I would finish this and send off some applications sometime after lunch. Then I thought I would finish before dinner and then perhaps later this evening. It's now after midnight and it's not done! aaargh. Somehow all those other jobs like doing laundry, sorting through papers, helping friends with their stuff and shortening the curtains are much more appealing. But I've decided to go to bed pleased with myself, as long as something gets done, right?

Scott and I booked a ski holiday today. I finally have it on paper and can start looking forward to it. Should probably start working out for it as well! We're going to Alpes d'Huez in France and it will be my first time skiing outside Scandinavia so that's really exciting. We also booked ski lessons for the whole week for both of us. Although I ski well enough I thought it could be nice to perfect the technique a bit, plus it's boring to ski alone when Scott is trying to impress the other beginners at ski school ;)

Speak to you soon, probably when you are having problems deciding what to bring :) Just remember to leave some room for all the stuff you might want to take home from here! Kram

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