Monday, 5 February 2007

late news from the weekend

I finally got my ring back and I can't stop staring at it. It was a risky business designing my own but absolutely worth it. Feels very bling in the beginning, like you said with your wedding ring, but in a couple of days, bling will become normality :)
I spent this weekend shopping furniture and gadgets with Scott. He's good at that kind of shopping, always something :) We ordered some drawers and a storage cabinet from Skandium. It's a great shop and it makes a Scandi like me feel at home for a few minutes. Unfortunately our lovely drawers are made in Lapland and we'll have to wait up to 16 weeks until we get them! But they are nice. And we are stupid. We also found a teak sideboard at last, been looking for a long time. It's similar to this one but a bit smaller.
Today, Monday, not a great day. Had lunch out and got sick! Plus I felt really nauseaous, just like I did yesterday. Tucked myself into bed and some sleep and self pity seemed to cure it. Have no idea what's going on on the inside but NO I'm not pregnant :0 At least it gave me a handy excuse for not bothering with the gym today. Phew!


  1. Ååh, vilken underbar ring!!
    Finfint bling, du kommer att vänja dig alldeles för snabbt och nästa månad undrar du om du inte borde ha valt mer bling;0)

    Den är jättefin, alldeles DU:)
    Stilren med en Skandi-touch, präktig men ödmjuk. Härligt!! Så nu är det officiellt för hela världen:)

  2. Are you really sure you're not pregnant?

    Or maybe it's just the bling from the ring that makes you all weak and nauseaous. Remember that you should NOT stare directly in to the light! ;)

  3. In the next future you might consider to wear sunglasses :)

    Ok, I should just go to bed. It´s 3.22 AM and I can't sleep.

    Btw, loved that sideboard, they had one bigger att Myrorna that looked similar. I now you gonna hate it, but teak and that style you love is a big trend for this year.