Wednesday, 7 February 2007

over 21?

Here it is, our new sideboard. I think we will get along just fine :) Haven't had the energy to fill it up with stuff yet. Now, in theory, we could hide all the papers and little bits that constantly is laying around, making it look messy. Something tells me though, that it's not so much about lack of space and storage if your place is a mess. It's probably all to do with your personality and lack of disciplin.

Something equally annoying and amusing happened to me today at the supermarket. I was buying some wine and the grumpy old lady behind the till asked me if I was over 21. I was shocked and almost couldn't remember if I was 26 or 27. She made me really nervous and luckily I had some ID to prove I wasn't lying :( I wanna look like a 26 year old woman!!! It's ok for me to joke about looking young but not that funny when people actually mistake me for a kid in reality. I'm gona start wearing loads of make up from now on and 7 cm high heels! Respect! Kram


  1. I wanna see you walking in high heels! Be happy about you looking younger, when you're 36 you'll be mistaken for 29:) and then you think it's positive!

  2. yeh I know it should be a good thing to look young but at this stage when they don't think you're responsible enough to drink wine even, grrrr :)